Wood Duck Boxes

The Elkins Fish and Game Club is proud to perform maintenance on wood duck boxes on Beaver Pond at the Esther Currier Wildlife Management Area (Low Plain), at the Kidder - Cleveland marsh near Mountain Road, at Messer Pond, at the Slope and Shore pond, and at Turtle Cove on Pleasant Lake. It is our intension to sustain, and hopefully increase, the wood duck population at our local area lakes and ponds. Each winter the boxes are checked to see which ones need repairs, and all the boxes are cleaned and refilled with new bedding. We also keep track of the usage of each box to determine activity and effectiveness of placement. Statistics are passed along to NH Fish and Game.


The Elkins Fish & Game Club goes out each winter, usually in late January through early March, to look at the club's boxes and perform the necessary maintenance. The dates chosen for the work are dictated by the ice conditions, which need to safe before work can be done.

Over the years we have increased the number of boxes and have relocated boxes which were not productive. There are 14 boxes at the Low Plain, 10 boxes at the Kidder marsh, 3 boxes at Messer Pond, 1 box at Slope and Shore, and 3 boxes on Pleasant Lake. Currently our nesting success rate is better than 50% at all locations, and we intend to move into new areas in the future.


If you'd like more information, please send us an e-mail: Click here!

You can also call Mike Gelcius at 603-526-7447

If you are interested in building your own wood duck box, we've got a simple set of plans available for free: Click here!