Club news

ALL range certified members who are using the shooting range MUST have their current membership card available for inspection. If you don't have your card with you, you will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

The range security gate must be CLOSED and LOCKED at all times. No exceptions.

ALL members and guests visiting the range MUST sign in and sign out of the Range Log Book. No exceptions.

ALL members who wish to have range privileges must give 8 service hours to the club. Qualifying activities include, but are not limited to, range maintenance, attending club meetings, representing the club at local and state functions, range observing, mentoring children in club related activities, running and working club events, or other approved items. Contact one of the club officers for a list of activities.

We ask everyone to be sure to follow safe firearm procedures when using the range and to clean up when you're finished. Misfired rounds (duds) should be placed in the "Misfires" box. Used brass should be discarded in the brass buckets, and all other discarded items (used targets, ammo boxes, etc.) should be placed in the large trash barrels. There is a recycling barrel for glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. Please keep the range clean!

Be sure to check the "Events Calendar" on the club web site for a listing all of the club's scheduled activities for the year. We also have a "Links" page, listing web sites that may be of interest to club members.

We have made many improvements at the range. Recent projects include having the driveway resurfaced, installation of a new gate and fence, environmental stewardship actions, installation of convex mirrors, installation of a rain collection system, installation of new archery targets, heightening and resurfacing the berm, installation of bullet boxes, installation of a new bow rack, installation of concrete slabs for the shooting areas, installation of concrete shooting benches, metal plate targets at the 15 yard pistol box, and the installation of security cameras.
More improvements are planned, as we work to make our range as safe and attractive as possible.