Barry Conservation Camp


Since the early '90s, our club has sent over 130 local area children to the Barry Conservation Camp, with a focus on fishing, hunting, and shooting. The camp is for youth who love the outdoors, prefer participating in a small camp, and enjoy hands-on learning about the outdoors, conservation, and the environment. 

In 2011, the club made a commitment to sponsor and maintain the Coyote Cabin at the camp.  Each year club members travel to the camp to perform maintenance, including painting the floors, bunks and foot lockers, making repairs where needed, and doing general clean-up.  Recently the club has purchased new doors and windows for the cabin and furnished all the bunks with new mattresses.  

The club runs raffles and other fund-raising events through the year to generate money dedicated to our campership program and to support the maintenance of the cabin.  We are proud to help kids learn to love and appreciate the great outdoors.