wood duck box maintenance



Each winter the club is involved in performing Wood Duck box maintenance in several locations in the area.  The boxes are opened and checked for evidence of use.  Boxes that were used have a count of hatched and unhatched eggs recorded.  All boxes are thoroughly cleaned out to remove all nesting material, egg shells, unhatched eggs, membranes, and unwanted items such as wasp nests  and other debris.  Boxes are checked for damage and stability.  Boxes are repaired or replaced as needed.  All boxes get fresh nesting material in the form of wood shavings.  

This process is always done in the winter when the ice conditions on the ponds and lakes is thick enough to support people and ATVs.

Low Plain - Beaver pond

The club maintains 15 boxes on Beaver pond at the Esther Currier Wildlife Management Area at Low Plain.  The boxes are mounted on trees and metal poles, all situated over water. This location has the largest number of boxes maintained by the club.  The property is home to many birds and mammals and is a popular spot for bird watching.

Pleasant Lake

There are 3 boxes on Pleasant Lake, located at Turtle Cove.  This section of the lake is an inlet area, and the section of the lake where loon nests are located during the warm weather months.

Messer Pond

The club maintains 5 boxes on Messer Pond.  This body of water is the newest area covered by the club.  The Messer Pond Protective Association works closely with the club on the placement and maintenance of the boxes. 

Kidder Marsh

Through the generosity of the Kidder family, property has been set aside for recreational use by the public.  The beaver pond on this property has 10 boxes maintained by the club.  The pond has a beaver lodge and several Egret nests in the trees.

Slope n' Shore

There is a small pond at the entrance to the Slope n' Shore complex where the club has installed a box.  The pond is close to a wooded area and a short distance from Pleasant Lake, making it an attractive nesting location.