Range Maintenance



Members are expected to contribute their time and efforts to the upkeep of the range.  Raking leaves, policing brass, sweeping up debris, and other regular tasks should be performed, when noticed and as needed, when visiting the range.

Members should post their maintenance time in the range log to get credit toward their service hours.


Major projects are scheduled throughout the year.  A list of upcoming projects is listed below.

Security fence

New sections of fencing will be added to the existing security fence to help prevent unwanted access to the range.

Tree cutting

There are many downed and leaning trees around the club property that need to be cleaned up and removed.  There are also tree stumps which need to be pulled up and removed.   

Archery equipment

Each spring help is needed to put up the 3-D archery targets on the course and to put up the archery netting at the back of the archery practice area.  Each fall these items need to be taken down and stored away for the winter.  

Burn piles

Brush, branches, small trees and other similar items should be collected and stacked on the burn piles, located behind the bullet boxes.  Burning of this debris will take place once significant snow is on the ground.