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The range is divided into several sections.

Rifle:   There is a 100 yard rifle range, with target positions at 15, 25, 50 and 100 yards.  There are two concrete shooting benches for bench rest use, and two movable shooting benches that can be removed when shooting standing, kneeling or prone.

Pistol:  There are three shooting positions in front of bullet boxes at 7, 10 and 15 yards.  The 15 yard bullet box has steel targets for member use.

Archery Practice Area:  The range has an archery practice area with two bag targets at 10, 20 30 and 40 yards.  The back of the practice area has archery netting to help stop stray arrows.

3-D Archery Course:  The range has a 3-D archery course that winds around the club property.  3-D targets include deer, turkey, fox, wolf, boar and bear. 

Range Use

The range is exclusively for use by club members and their guests.   All visitors to the range (members and their guests) must log into and log out of the Range Log.  The range Log is stored on the left side of the shooting platform.   Members need to have range privileges in order to have access to the range.  All guests coming to range, whether shooting or not, must fill out and sign a Guest Liability Waiver.  The security gate must be kept closed and locked AT ALL TIMES.  The outside decorative gate can be left open when the range is in use. 

Procedure to obtain range privileges

Members who want to have range privileges must have completed some form of formal firearm training or completed a club run firearm training class.   For insurance purposes, proof of completion of the training must be provided and put on file with the member's records.  Members must also complete a range certification session, to learn range rules and regulations, and to understand the layout of the property and the location of club equipment and facilities.

Guest Liability Waiver

Members who bring guests must have their guest(s) fill out a Guest Liability Waiver form.  Forms can be found in the back of the Range Log book or can downloaded by clicking on the box below.  Completed forms must be placed in the box at the shooting platform.

Guest_Waiver_form (pdf)


Range Location

189 Pine Hill Road in Wilmot, New Hampshire



The Elkins Fish and Game Club range hours are as follows: 

Mon. to Fri. - 8:30 AM to dusk 

Sat. - 10:00 AM to dusk 

Sun. - 12:00 PM to dusk 

Exact end times are posted at the range.