These files are intended to help you see how to build a cardboard boat.  Please note that some of these plans DO NOT include materials and techniques that are allowed in our Regatta.  They are intended to help you see how a boat can be built, but imagination and creativity are a big help in putting together a seaworthy boat.  Always build a boat with a flat bottom and one that is wide enough for stability and long enough to be comfortable for the user.  Full rules for construction materials and techniques are found in the registration form.

  1. Instructions from the Elkins Fish & Game Club Cardboard Boat Regatta.
  2. Instructions from the Fun Fest Crazy Cardboard Boat Race.
  3. Instructions from the Adirondack Regatta.
  4. Instructions from the Cedar Lake Summerfest.
  5. Instructions from the Crystal Lake "America's Cardboard Cup" Regatta.